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Ayurveda is a different and unique but effective kind of care for your body which not only cures you naturally but also cares for your body by saving you from harmful chemicals. For ayurvedic care and ayurvedic treatment please get in touch with our Ayurveda doctors and get a free consultation.

About Diabetes


Diabetes is a disorder in which a human body fails to regulate the glucose level and is a chronic metabolic disorder where in a human body can suffer Hyperglycemia (High Blood Sugar) and Glycosuria (Sugar in Urine). This is considered as a deadly disease which on an average causes 3 Million Deaths every year. People suffering from this disease are forced to leave all sugar products and are mostly get dependent on insulin, wherein they have to take insulin before and after their consumption of food. Because of Diabetes a human body invites complications such as Heart Attacks, Strokes, Nerve Damage, Amputation of Limb, Impotency Blindness, Itching and Etc. however it has been discovered in US that if one is capable to keep the level of blood sugar near to normal we can resist the complication of diabetes.
In Ayurveda there are 20 different kind of diabetes, however we classify diabetes in 2 types one is Lean Diabetic and another is Obese Diabetic. It is also known as congenital and another is due to over eating and wrong eating habits. Diabetes effects every cell or every part of the body, more over it also effects the 5 Sheaths that we have in a human body commonly known as Food Sheath, Energy Sheath, Mind Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath.
The Two Main Types of diabetes that are world know are known as-
Type 1 and Type 2
There are several symptoms that one can observe. Few are mentioned below.
I) Feels excessive thirsty
II) Vision problem (Blurry)
III) Sudden Weight Loss
IV) Wounds taking time to heal
V) Skin Problems (Infection)
VI) Frequent Urine and excessive urination.
VII) Feeling Hungry frequently
VIII) Burning Palms and Soles.
IX) Mouth feels sweetness
X) Extreme Fatigue

Reason for Diabetes

The Two Main Types of diabetes that world known are described as

Diabetes Type 1
Immune system of our body is meant to protect our body from getting infected and demoralizing viruses, bacteria and other harmful foreign substances, what this type 1 does is. It turns our own immune system against our body and the immune system starts attacking our own beta cells. This is caused by lack of insulin as the insulin producing beta ccells get destroyed. This is also known as autoimmune disease, one can observe the symptoms in a short period however the beta cell destruction might take a longer period. This can be mostly viewed at younger age.
Diabetes Type 2
Insulin is required substance of our body and in this type of diabetes the body of the patient fails in producing the required amount of insulin. Liver cells, fats and muscle of the body are not left in a situation wherein they can utilize the insulin and this results several disorders. One can observe type 2 in middle age and people at their old ages or people who are overweight. Lot of time people remain undiagnosed for a longer period. Type 2 is more of invited genetically and environmental factors are also one of the reason for it, Or we can say the reason is diet increasing substances carrying sugar and fats. And yes lack of exercise is also one of the reason as we do understand that in this busy world we hardly get time for us. Mental Strain and stress level is also a key factor that leads to diabetes, we do see lot of people have a habit of over sleeping however excessive sleep can also become a reason that we can invite this disease.


NaturalTherapy for Diabetes

As now we have understood what diabetes is and how deadly it is, as this not only affects you but also can be carried to your next generation, which means that your next generation will be suffering from what you are today. One can live with it with the support of medicines for the life time and injecting insulin every time, however in Ayurveda we have lot of home remedies and tips that one can use and get rid of the problem in a short period of time frame. As we all know that Ayurveda is a practice that has been followed since 5000 years and still has its effects as Ayurveda believes in cure with nature as in nature we get fruit and plant extracts and mostly we get substances that we use in our daily life. With just a small change in your life you can make a difference, you just need to work on your life style, a bit of exercise and there would be tips and homemade remedies that our experts would be providing you which if followed for a couple of months, one can get rid of this problem completely and this is only possible with Ayurveda. Diabetes Cure in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Diabetes Cure are best option for one who want this disease out of your body. Once treatment followed by Ayurveda the sugar level will not only get regulated but also this will ensure that there are no complication in future. There would be a change in the lifestyle and diet and if required there would be homemade remedies prescribed and that would help us to live a healthy lifestyle and live life with activeness. In Just 3 months of span one will feel the change that they have in their body metabolism as they would feel more energetic and enthusiastic.
Let us take over your problem and our experienced Ayurvedic doctors will assist you how you can fight this disease, we are just a call away.

What People Say About Ayurveda

I was suffering from diabetes type 2 and I am living with this for last 3 years now, I was desperately looking for an alternative on internet and I found these guys I called them and I was highly impressed by a miracle effect of Ayurveda, because of zero side effect. I became free from Diabetes symptoms itself and living peacefully.so I hope that Ayurveda will also stand useful for everyone. Thank you for all your suggestion.

Mr. M Reeds, Executive. AL

Today I am happy to say that I am free from diabetes and so glad to recommend it to everyone here, Consulting Ayurveda doctors was a smart move for me and I am obliged to you all for this help and the great tips.

kylie Rodman, Real Estate Agent. HI

This is amazingly good and effective, I was suffering from Type 1 Diabetes and today I feel relaxed as everything is under control. I love you guys for this. Thank you for this great and affective remedy.

Britt Horn, Solution Engineer. RI

Diabetes problem is a genetically problem in my family and when I got my lab test i was not surprised to see the negative results, I thought of trying something new as my family member were already trying medicines and insulin injections and were living with that. And today I am happy to announce that I am the last one who was affected from this disease and even though I am cured from this aswell now. Thank you for this gift from Ayurveda.

S Ramsey, Technician, NY

I would recommend you guys to everyone as you are the one who have actually worked on this problem with me it took 6 months of time and today everything in my life seems like reversed and today I feel more young and lively. Ayurveda is a magic and I hope everyone finds there solution from this disease.

Robert Cruz, Director Zed Technology Dublin, CA

Frequently Ask Questions

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is not a therapy that works for that particular time, it leaves an effect to the problem from where it was initiated so as to cure it from all aspects and leaves no left over, and it doesn't appear again

Do I have to eat Ayurvedic medicine or I have to take pills or capsules for my entire life, or there would be any duration for it?

Well this might vary from patient to patient and depending on case to case, however in case if any medication is prescribed by anyone in the entire Ayurveda it is assured that it will definitely have a time frame like 6 months or 12 months a maximum of however one would start feeling the change in the first few weeks.

How will one know if one is suffering from Diabetes type 1 or type 2?

There could be several reasons that one can identify if he/she is suffering from this problem like, Feels excessive thirsty, Vision problem (Blurry), Sudden Weight Loss, Wounds taking time to heal, Skin Problems (Infection), Frequent Urine and excessive urination, Feeling Hungry frequently, Burning Palms and Soles, Mouth feels sweetness, Extreme Fatigue.

How many pills should I take daily?

There is aren't any pills that you have to take, again this could vary from patient to patient. You just need to work on your life style diet, eating habit and few other aspects. For more information on it you can call and get a free consultation on this problem.

How Can I overcome this diabetes Problem?

You need to change your life style a bit and you need to treat this diabetes naturally and if you are able to get a homemade remedy for yourself it will help you cure this disease easily and conveniently. As this is a natural disorder and can be best cured naturally. Just call our Free consultant and get a tip over it.

Is there a charge that I have to pay for the consultation?

Well this is a non-profit company, and the basic Moto of this company is to spread the word of Ayurveda, so there would be absolutely no consultation fee at all. You can call our experts and get a free diagnose on your problem and get a free help over it. We just want to be the reason of your smile, and that would worth our work.

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We are the best in this natural therapy as we provide a complete solution to any or all kind of health related issues, however we have excellence in Diabetic problems and we cover approximately entire globe and this makes us feel proud of our network, we are glad to announce that we provide consultation to approximately 45 million people every year. We have our experts who are well qualified and experienced and are still continuing to work on the research and development of this disease called as diabetes. We have been a proven alternative to this modern world medicine as we have a hard believe in nature. The feeling of natural therapy or we can say coming near to nature gives us all together a new and great confidence. When we receive a call of a patient with a problem we not only listen carefully but also create a case note of it for future reference and then the resolution that we provide is not only our responsibility area, we also keep a track of it and do a follow-up on this so that we keep a regular check on your health. So what we say here is once you have called and briefed us with your problem be confident that you have chosen the best.

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